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Nikki and Phillipa had spent a year looking for the right kennels, searching from Chichester to Lincoln for the one that would suit their requirements, one of which was that it had sufficient land dedicated to the dogs. Norstead was the only one that they found that really had enough grassed area for the 'guests' to run around and play in - it has two acres, divided up into four fenced runs, so it should be enough for even the most energetic of dogs. In fact, 'Freedom to run' is the kennel's catchphrase. They took on the kennels in October 2004, becoming only the third owners of the business since it was established in 1964. Initially, Norstead was a breeding operation for Norfolk Terriers, based in the kitchen of the 1930's house (Maricks Range), but it later developed into a small kennels with one kennel block... then two... then three... and now, seven, plus two cattery blocks and a 'family pet' block (permission has already been obtained to replace the original buildings for the latest in modern boarding accommodation). In addition, a new building has recently been erected, adding a combined reception area and shop.

The shop came about as several people in town had asked about the possibility of having dog and cat food delivered; many of these people were elderly and unable to get to the shops, or even if they could get to the shops to get pet food they probably wouldn't be able to carry the large bags or sacks of pet food. As the Norstead staff are frequently making trips into town anyway, Nikki realised that offering a delivery service would be something they could do, so it has became part of the services, and the shop now stocks a wide range of differrent pet foods for customers to choose from. There are always special offers available on selected products. The kennels are set in 4 acres of pleasant grounds at Calehill, off the Cromer Road, on the outskirts of North Walsham, with large gates at the entrance and exit, and a sweeping gravel drive past mature trees to the new reception and shop. Ample, easy car parking is available right outside the building.

Norstead Hall Kennels

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01692 402469

Cale Hill
Cromer Road
North Walsham
NR28 0ND

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