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Bob's Bread Bakery

Hand made breads in North Walsham

Builders bread - our trademark hearty wholemeal loaf with a hint of treacle, a delicious base for a cheese or ham sandwich  

Traditional white - our everyday loaf, great with a generous portion of butter and lots of jam or for a tasty bacon sandwich 

Walsham sourdough - a crusty loaf, patiently made over two days, with a characteristic tang and superior flavour 

Sourdough batons – sticks of sourdough tastiness, ideal for crostini, bruschetta or just as baguette snack 

Cheese and marmite sourdough – love it or hate it ! 

Spanish sunshine - our Spanish flat loaf, so tasty it will soon be gone  

Fougasse - Provençal inspired flat white loaf, slashed for easy tearing, and sharing  

Cornish spelt – made with nutty flavoured spelt, great with sweet or savoury toppings 

Rye & Spelt - enjoy the rich tastes of rye, spelt and buttermilk, together in one delicious loaf 

Rolls – they’re small, round, and delicious 

Cheese Straws – our really cheesy and popular straws – only normally available at markets



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