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Hello, I am on Ancestry and just found I have GG parents listed in North Walsham, A Richard and Roger Rant plus others in a round 1550 and earlier, and by strange odd's my sister moved there back in the1970's with her husband which I have lost contact with, I visited them back in the 1980's (my sister that is), I will be in the area from the 18th to 22nd as I am living in Margate at present, I would appreciate any information if possible.
Alan Standley.
Message from: Alan Standley (17/03/2024)
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Hello North Walsham. My maternal great/great/great grandfather William Pope, born Witton 1799, was your Newsagent/ Postmaster/ Hatter/ Auctioneer/ Valuer c1830 until his passing away 1864 leaving wife Jane (Mace) and 5 children (and your loke "Pope's Passage" next door to his home and place of business). One day I must find out if the town has any more memories (including of his parents and family, whom I must admit I cannot trace despite a long search). Yours, in history, Dennis.
Message from: Dennis Cochran (03/02/2017)
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