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I have a photograph which included my grandmother, born 1870, as an infant, her mother and father and her father's father. Their name was Wilson and were bricklayers/builders. The 1871 Census has them living on Hall Lane. The photograph has the four of them outside a rather grand front door. Is there anyone I could send the photo to who could possibly identify the building and say if it is still standing.

Thanks in anticipation

Nigel Peacock
Message from: Nigel Peacock (11/11/2015)
My wifes aunty used to have a chalet near the bluebell pub.We had many happy times there including our honeymoon.
She sold it a while back but i beleive the site is now a caravan park. We were wondering if they were for rental and how o contact them?

Message from: brian day (26/08/2015)
I am trying to find relatives and or records or photos of my 1934 Singer car and it's original owner. It was purchased in April 1934 from Carrs Autos by a Mr J A Chase of the Vicarage North Walsham. Any help or recollections would be most appreciated.
Message from: Alan Crosby (28/08/2014)
I am a member of the North Walsham Garden Club, and the name and phone number you have no longer exists,we now have our own web site with the right contact details on,
Message from: Ann Wilkinson (11/07/2014)
I am trying to get in touch with (I think) Mr Gaudet ? who runs the North Walsham Folk Club. I have tried the pub where they sing but they have not answered. Thank you
Message from: Cecilie Hoey (31/05/2014)
Hi Dear,
on which day will be the market in North Walsham?
Thanks for the Information.

Regards Bettina
Message from: Bettina Spelz (19/05/2014)
2014 Fun Day in on Sunday June 29th!
Message from: Wayne Beauchamp (24/04/2014)
I am trying to trace an old colleague from the early 1980s in Kent. Brian Gamblen, who I believe lives in North Walsham. Any suggestions as to how I can trace him? Thank you. Jeremy
Message from: Jeremy Price (28/03/2014)
Hi Alan, could I suggest posting your request on which has almost 2000 members and between the lot of them we seem to answer most questions about the history of the North Walsham area :)
Message from: Wayne (26/02/2014)
Hi.I am looking for information of any sort on a Frederick Gee - my Grandad.Born probably 1880s. I believe he was a Chimney sweep,footballer and referee.Also a Part time Fireman-family history suggests he used the fire appliance currently in Bressingham museum. I am told he was well respected and had a ceremonial funeral organised/attended by the Fire Brigade of the time. Married to Alice and had at least 14 children !! Any information at all would be gratefully accepted. Thankyou
Alan (Grandson)
Message from: Alan Gee (25/02/2014)
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