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Please could you help to locate an ex WRAF who worked at RAF Hospital Ely between 1968-1975 named UNA. She emigrated to Australia and came back a few weeks later Please ring 01353778568 thanks.
Message from: J.FITCH (04/12/2011)
I'm trying to find any information about and/or pictures of Scarburgh House in North Walsham. Not the Scarborough Hill County House, but the house that is noted on this site for having an historical plaque. Can anyone out there help?

Message from: Sandra Derrick (30/11/2011)
we have seen on 'coast' that north walsham had a Y-station during the 2nd WW.
does anyone have any information about this?
Message from: Rosy Watson (03/10/2011)
During a property search I recently saw that "House of Hobbies" is on sale. I just wanted to voice the opinion that the loss of Julie Cameron and Sharon ? will be a great loss to the town and surrounding area especially, of course, to their customers. What a shame.
Message from: Jelen Howys (30/09/2011)
At last a great North Walsham page welldone
Message from: shaun marshall (24/08/2011)
Thanks Shaun!
Message from: Wayne (24/08/2011)
Oh dear, What has happened to North Walsham Town? What a mess!
Having to walk through the town is like russian roulette with all the pigeon muck flying around. How discusting does the town look now. I over heard a tourist remarking how filthy it was, and what a shame for such a pretty town. I bet they wont come back and i dont blame them.

Why isnt somebody doing something? There has been all talk and no action. Come on sort the bird problem out and also rent out the empty shops , even reducing the rent. Perhaps to a crafting group to show what wonderful things are made in Norfolk.
Not any more charity shops please how many do we need?

Heres hoping something will be done very soon.
Message from: Lesley Chivers (04/08/2011)
I lived in NW back in the 60's, several times due to my dad being in the RAF. I have memories of living in The Oaks behind the Black Cat Garage and the fire siren going off which used to scare me silly it was so loud! We also had a bungalow built in Spencer Avenue before dad was posted to Germany. I remember the Regal Cinema very well spent lots of time there. I attended both the schools they used to sit side by side but can't remember the road name but they also had an extension built up at Spencer Avenue. Woolworths was still thriving and I also remember NW had a cottage hospital again I don't remember the road name.
Last time I visited NW it had changed a lot and I think that was inthe 80's I suspect I would hardly recognise it now!
Lots of memories!!
Message from: Sue Bolton (04/06/2011)
Does anyone know when Seaview Estate was first built in Bacton please. There is very little on the internet regarding the history of Bacton.
Message from: John (25/05/2011)
Hi Linda, I remember going to The Regal Cinema on new Road through the seventies (Digby, Spiderman, Swiss Family Robinson, Sinbad and the eye of the tiger). It closed down in the late seventies. There's stuff about it on this page:
Message from: Wayne (25/05/2011)
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