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There definitely was a cinema . I think it was on new road. I remember exactly where it was not sure of the street name. We went there every Saturday nite. We were too young to be in the pubs so we all went to the pictures. it was the place to meet your friends, boyfriend next boyfriend, whatever. Everyone came in from the surrounding villages. Then we got the bus home. There was a late one in those days. Came from Norwich and went all the way through Bacton to Happisburgh. I started going there in 1966. I left the area in 1970 and it was still going strong then. I don't know when it closed.
Message from: Linda Clark (22/05/2011)
Did anyone go to North walsham high school? I want to know of any scool leavers from the year 1982? Thanks.
Message from: chi man (11/04/2011)
for the person asking about yoga classes, i teach yoga @ the Victory Swim & Fitness Centre, mondays 6pm, tuesdays 5pm and weds 11am
Message from: donna-michele hammersley (13/03/2011)
I have been reading all the comments and it brought back good memories...The chip shop which is now the carpenters Arm's was called Jarvis Fish Shop . Owned by Mr Jarvis his two twin daughters uses to help him run it.( best fish & chips in the town)I also remember Rackstraws my sister-in-law use to work in there. International( now careers office) and Fine Fare ( now CST'S) used to both be in the prescient. I uses to work in Gateway (Roys now)we all moved to the old Randells site ( now Sainsburys The new store was named Somerfields.
Message from: Debbie (20/11/2010)
Found a lovely photo of the old Wesleyan Methodist Chapel on your site - thank you!
One of my relatives was Wesleyan Minister in Northh Walsham between 1910-1914 - does anyone have any more info about the Church at this time?
Message from: Jane (03/11/2010)
I remember the chip shop where The Carpenter's Arms is now very well. Best part of Edwards was the shop on Grammar School Road/Norwich Road which was great for buying sweets on the way home from school back in the late seventies/early eighties. Apparently the chip shop next to The Angel was "Anne's Fish Bar" but I don't remember it at all.
Message from: Wayne (11/10/2010)
Hi There used to be 2 chip shops in 'ol Walsham'. One was was run by Annie something near to the Angel pub and the other was in what is now The Carpenters Arms opposite what was once the girls high school. Anyone remember 'Rackstraws'?!
Message from: janie (28/09/2010)
Anyone remember Edwards bakery?
Those were the days.
Message from: Janie (28/09/2010)
For the person below and anyone who is interested we've have had some new information through regarding Pigney's Wood.
We asked the gentleman that currently looks after the area. He said he does not know but has an old map of the area. He said the area used to be called "Pigneys Field". So we can only assume that someone "Pigney" possibly a farmer owned the land?
If anyone can add to this information please do.
Daryl North Walsham Guide.

Message from: Admin (09/09/2010)
why is it called pigney wood
Message from: pigney (07/07/2010)
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