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Doctor Wheelgood

Tom loves bikes, he loves the way they work, he loves they way they look. He has spent all of his life either riding, fixing or selling bikes.
He gets great enjoyment from seeing his customer's face light up when Tom brings their pride and joy back to life. ?

Norfolk born & bred and keen cyclist Tom Hill came to the right place after meeting his future Dutch wife 27 years ago and subsequently moving to Holland. In Europe's bike capital Amsterdam, Tom earned the national diploma for bicycle technician and worked there for many years selling, hiring, repairing, and servicing bikes, whilst his wife-to-be, studied and worked as a bicycle courier. 

Seeking a quieter life to raise a family, they returned to Norfolk in 2005 where Tom continued to work in the trade and acquired several more certificates to add to his skills.

Like many, the couple always dreamed of having their own shop, combining years of experience and enthusiasm for everything 'bike'. 

Doctor Wheelgood aims to provide excellent service and expertise regarding all kinds of bike repairs, parts & accessories as well as sales.
Tom and his wife Godelieve welcome and encourage people of all ages to enjoy the many benefits of cycling. In the process they also hope to
bring a 'touch of Dutch' everyday cycling culture to Norfolk!

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Contact Name:

01692 405033

11 Mundesley Road
North Walsham
NR28 0DA

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