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Friends Of North Walsham War Memorial Hospital

North Walsham War Memorial Hospital has provided care for generations of people – thanks to unstinting support of the local community.

Our website ( ) aims to show you the work of the hospital - during "normal" times, and through the coronavirus pandemic - and how public donations, legacies and support-in-kind are improving life for patients, visitors and staff.

We buy the extras that the health service cannot afford or which we can bring higher up the priority list. They range from a training suite and day room revamp to TV remotes and Christmas presents for patients and morale-boosting goodies for staff during the Covid crisis.

Although the hospital was opened way back in 1924 and the Friends date back to 1949 we do not live in the past. We strive to ensure the hospital has a strong future.

The Friends are also a powerful lobbying group representing the community, helping save it from closure threats and supporting it as its role evolves.

If you cherish the hospital and the work it does, joining and supporting the Friends helps the hospital flourish for current and future generations. Keep in touch via our Facebook page Friends of North Walsham Memorial Hospital.

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