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Sutton Electronics

We supply personnel to support Telecommunication and Automations systems in the Oil & Gas industry.

We hire radio test equipment: -
    Portable radio test sets
    Power meters
    Antenna tester

We hire Fibre-optic test equipment: -
    OTDR Single mode
    OTDR Multi mode
    Fibre-optic loss meters

We hire ATEX Entel and ATEX Motorola Hand Portable radios.

Our tests range from simple loss testing to OTDR trace and report on both Multi Mode and Single Mode Fibre.
We can install, fusion splice the terminations and OTDR test Fibre Optic cables.
We have good experience of installation in hazardous areas in the Oil and Gas environment both on and offshore.

We offer a range of options in Electrical Testing & Inspection from simply testing equipment on your request through to managing the safety of your portable electrical equipment.

Trained and competent in the maintenance of Synectics CCTV Systems
Trained and competent in the maintenance of Geoquip Intruder Detection Systems
Trained and competent in the maintenance of Gallaghers High Security Electric Fence Systems
We have maintained and installed CCTV and intruder systems on key energy sites in the UK for 15 years.

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Contact Name:
Adam Shanahan

01692 407170

2 Gaymer's Way
North Walsham
NR28 0AN

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