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North Walsham Shopping Times - edition 35

Shopping Times No.35

Its Showtime!!

Friday 7th July sees the grand kick off of the 1995 Carnival on the Memorial Park, with the Carnival Dance in the Marquee at 8.00pm. Local boys Dawg House will be providing the Rock n Roll, Saturn Sounds provide the Disco and refreshments will be provided by a Licensed Bar. Budding Princes & Princesss will be keeping their fingers crossed on Saturday afternoon for the Carnival Prince/Princess Competition which will coincide with the Teddy Bears Picnic between 2pm and 4pm on the Memorial Park.
Then comes the ever popular Its-a-Knockout competition to choose which teams will go forward into the final. Stalls and sideshows and 5-a-side football will add to the attractions. Iunior Ravers can dance their socks off between 6.30 and 8.00pm before the main Carnival Dance at 8.00pm. The crowning of the Carnival King and Queen Competition also takes place at this event with music being provided by local band The Casemakers and the Music Circus Roadshow Disco.
At 12noon on Sunday the Carnival floats start the Grand Parade from Lyngate Industrial Estate on its
tour around town before arriving at the Memorial Park for the main events starting at 1pm. This year your 1 entry fee will buy you a whole afternoon of
fun with the Its a Knockout final, Sumo Wrestling, Twirlers, Dog Agility Team, Fancy Dress Competition Morris and Maypole Dancing, Bouncing Castle and many other main arena displays.
And dont forget all the usual stalls, sideshows & amusements, with a Licensed Bar to keep you all refreshed.
This years Open Air Songs of Praise will be held at 5.00 to bring a conclusion to this years festivities.
So do come along - remember its such a worthy cause with all the proceeds going to the Swimming Pool Fund.
See you all there!


On behalf of the Chamber may I extend our warmest congratulations to Audrey Woods, Town Mayor, whose commitment to fund raising for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children has been honoured with the Member of the Order of the British Empire (M.B.E.).
Audrey is unceasing in her enthusiasm to the community - the Chamber are hoping to encourage as many traders as possible to support Audrey in her determination to enter North Walsham in the Beautiful Britain in Bloom competition in 1996 - several local charities and local organisations have already pledged support - our support to her appeal for the whole Town to participate would be the best acknowledgement she could receive for the honour bestowed on her.
I am delighted to report that bookings for the forthcoming Window on North Walsham event on the 15th and 16th September next are flowing in - as always, I need hardly remind you that the event is specifically designed to enhance the many facilities available in our Town - we require the support of the whole community to ensure its success - several traders have indicated their desire to take part - I shall be grateful to receive a firm booking to avoid disappointment.
The Chambers project to provide You Are Here type maps for the Town is beginning to come to fruition and again the support of the whole community will be most necessary to assist with the funding - several traders have already indicated support and the Chamber will be in communication, not only with its members but all traders in the very near future.
The Chamber is now discussing the next edition of the Town Guide and anyone who wishes to take advertising space is asked to contact me as soon as possible please, with an indication that you would like to be included. All Clubs, Charities, and other local organisations are asked to let me have up to date information concerning officers, telephone numbers etc. as soon as possible.
May I remind all members that subscriptions were due in April and whilst these are flowing in - if you have overlooked yours - a cheque would be most appreciated. New members are always most welcome and if anyone feels that they can be of any assistance either with setting up for the Window on North Walsham event or particularly with the erection of Christmas Trees, I would be delighted to hear from you.
Finally, may I say a huge thank you to all those traders who, unable to participate in our September event, have pledged a prize for the Chamber raffle - the proceeds of which are so essential to assist the Town Council and the Chamber to continue funding the Christmas lights.
Cilla Quittenden, CHAIRMAN


Friends of North Walsham Community Association are organising an Art Exhibition & Sale, including Crafts Display, opening with Cheese & Wine, on Wednesday, 12th July at 8.00pm. Tickets 4.50. Telephone 406025.
Thursday, 13th July and Friday, 14th July at 10.30am - 8.30pm. 50p admission.
Saturday, 15th July 10.30am - 4.00pm. 50p admission.

From the Town Mayor

Over the recent years the economy of North Walsham has had a difficult time with businesses and shops closing. This has left our Town looking drab and to some degree uninviting. Once a place starts to get that run down feeling it can be very difficult to attract new life and vigour. When a Town is slightly down at heel it is so easy for people to not care about appearances and let the drabness, litter and an un-cared for aspect be accepted without thought. North Walsham hasnt quite reached that state yet. But it will deteriorate if we dont do something soon. Of course major economic developments are out of our hands, but we can do something simple and effective for ourselves which could make our life more pleasant and might even attract people looking for a suitable and welcoming location for new businesses. The simple and effective step we could actually take without too much expense is to brighten up the appearance of our Town. This could be done through the scheme known as ANGLIA IN BLOOM.
I have been trying to interest businesses, societies, clubs, statutory authorities and individuals in the Anglia in Bloom scheme for some time but it has been very slow so far.
The response has not been sufficient to take part in Anglia in Bloom this year, but if we plan now we could use the rest of this year to really make North Walsham come alive with flowers, plants and trees all over Town next year. Its likely that if the Town was made more pleasant then other matters like litter and vandalism might also decline. Schemes like Anglia in Bloom can help. You can visit other towns and see how attractive they feel by careful use of hanging baskets, gardens and trees everywhere. Look what was done for the Bluebell pond by determined volunteers. The whole Town now needs the Bluebell pond treatment. Young and old should care about making our Town a better place.
As Town Mayor I shall be calling a preliminary meeting in the Council Office on Monday, September 4th at 7.30pm to see if it is possible to get anything going for Anglia in Bloom for next year. We will need to get some autumn planting done in preparation for 1996. Please urge any group, church, club or business to which you belong to take this brightening up of our Town seriously and come yourself to see what you can contribute to NORTH WALSHAM IN BLOOM.
Audrey Woods

help the POOL fill up

Its Carnival time again in North Walsham thanks to a very small but dedicated group of people who have been planning, for many months, the events which will take place over the carnival weekend. We earn ourselves quite a few sleepless nights and a few grey hairs in the process but it will all be worthwhile if all the towns folk turn out on the weekend 7th 8th and 9th July to give us your support.

As many of you may realise it is the Swimming Pool Fund Association Committee who organise this and we hope that the  Carnival will help to swell our fund towards that wonderful day when we actually have our own swimming pool here in North Walsham.  With the money so far raised, nearly 70,000 and the knowledge that North Norfolk District Council have earmarked 250,000 towards the project (after 1996) we feel fairly confident that we can soon apply to the National Lottery for a grant. That wont be the end of the story though as there will still be a concern regarding maintenance and management, these are all problems that have to be sorted out before anything can commence.

You have all been very patient waiting for this to happen but please hang on a bit longer and lets set our hopes on A POOL FOR THE MILLENNIUM !!! How does that sound ?

In the meantime come to the Carnival, have fun, spend your money and if you dont think we do a good enough job there is always room for more volunteers, preferably with ideas, brawn or enthusiasm or best of all, all three.

I shall look forward to seeing you all on the Park - 7th 8th & 9th JULY.
Ellen Grover, Chairman


DayBreak is BREAK Charitys day centre for local adults with learning disabilities from North Walsham, Sheringham, Cromer and the surrounding villages.

The Centre offers a wide range of activities which are all designed to teach better life skills, build confidence and enable individuals to participate more fully in the community.

The Friends of DayBreak have recently formed to raise funds for the Centre to purchase much needed pieces of equipment.

The Friends meet once a month to discuss fundraising events and activities which to date have included a wine and cheese evening, a sponsored walk and two bingo evenings.

New Friends are always welcome. For details please contact Alan Caine (Chairman) on 01263 821000 or Nicki Genders at BREAK on 01263 822161.

Books on Wheels Service

The WRVS operate a service for people who have difficulty in getting to the library in North Walsham. If you are housebound and are interested in having this service, please contact North Walsham Library, New Road, telephone 402482.

Carpenters Arms REPORT

It doesnt feel like time to write a summer report - its cold outside and I am still wearing my warm fleecy Carpenters Arms sweatshirt! I expect it to be warm at this time of year, however we all know things dont always work out as we expect them to.
We have had to do some adjusting at The Carpenters Arms.
First of all, since I last wrote, the Rank Trust have advised us that our application for a grant to employ a Youth Worker has not been granted for this year. We have been disappointed but we take heart in the fact that we can apply again for 1996/97. So that was one thing we have had to accept. Another is that some of our volunteers are moving on to university or further education or simply taking a break from being a volunteer. This means a lot of change on the staff rota.
Can you offer to work in the bar or kitchen two or three hours a week? If so, contact one of the managers, Ann Bensley or Mary Burge on (01692) 404821.
Since I last wrote the bar has been opened on a Wednesday night, which is a free pool night by the way. By the end of July the bar will also open on a Wednesday morning.
Word about the project is filtering through the community, we have had more enquiries from around the country, the idea is catching on.
Tonight as I write this article there are sixty young boys taking part in the event of the year, a five-a-side football tournament, in the High school sports hall. It has been organised by Chris and Jo Ling and helpers, Ann Bensley has sponsored a trophy and each person who has taken part will be given a certificate. There will be free fruit punch and a light snack after the football and more young people will realise that The Carpenters Arms is a good place to be.
When it is hot come and have an ice cold cocktail, meanwhile back in reality the hot chocolate is excellent!
A lot of wonderful support shines in The Carpenters Arms. Please remember all our young people in the town and support them through their exams and the changes they face in their lives.
Look out for celebration day, Thursday 6th July.
Marian Sharp.


State  help with mortgage payments is being cut back and homeowners are being encouraged to take out private mortgage protection policies. Aid put in place in the last few years to tackle the repossessions crisis is largely being withdrawn from October. These changes will affect anyone paying a mortgage who needs to make an income support claim after October. But the impact will be felt most by those taking out a new mortgage after October.

At present social security provides a safety net for homeowners whose income drops suddenly through unforseen circumstances such as job loss, serious illness or divorce. People who qualify for income support also get their mortgage interest paid, although only at half rate for the first 16 weeks. Since April, help has been limited to mortgages of 100,000 or less.

People taking out a new home loan after October 1st will have to wait nine months before getting any help with mortgage costs if they then need to claim income support. Existing borrowers will get nothing for the first two months of their claim, then only half their mortgage interest for a further four months. The other big change means that mortgage interest will be paid only at an average rate, leaving many people with a shortfall.

Seek independent advice about mortgage protection policies. Make sure you read the small print very carefully indeed before signing anything or parting with any money. The fact that you are on a short-term contract may make it difficult to find a policy that will provide the necessary cover. Very often, people who are self-employed or in temporary work, carers, single parents and people with disabilities or health problems, are also excluded from cover.

Unfortunately, all too many people have paid premiums for a mortgage protection policy thinking they are cushioned against the unexpected, only to find when they come to make a claim that they are not covered. Insurers can also change the terms of the policy at any time, so that even if you are covered for your circumstances when you take out the policy, you may not be by the time it comes to making a claim.

The other factor to take into account is cost. Estimates suggest that insurance can add 20 a month to the average mortgage.

If you would like help with this or any other problem, contact North Walsham Citizens Advice Bureau in the Portakabin by the Council Offices in New Road.  Opening hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 10.00 am to 3.00 pm, telephone 01692 402570 - an answerphone operates outside opening hours.  No appointment is necessary unless you wish to see one of the Employment specialists or Debt Counsellors.


Because of the need for more space to display its ever-growing range of kitchenware, Head Cook and Bottlewasher, on its first anniversary, has expanded into the adjoining premises. Andre attributes the shops success to the tremendous support she continues to receive from her customers, many of whom regularly pop in for help and advice. She would like to thank them all.
The additional space will allow Andre to broaden the product range still further to include table linen, cook books for special dietory needs, wooden chopping boards and  butchers blocks as well as many more items of interest to caterers. What she doesnt yet stock is available on special order.

ARMY CADETS are storming ahead

Do you wish for adventure, action and a sense of achievement? If so, join the North Walsham Troop, Norfolk Army Cadet Force. Some of the many activities available are Absailing, Rock Climbing, Expeditions, Field Craft, Small/Full Bore Rifle & Machine Gun Shooting, Radio Work and much more. The group is now under the command of SSI Mark Fowler.
For more information telephone Cdt Sgt. Charles Parker on North Walsham 404190 or Cdt Bdr. Eddie Watson on North Walsham 406446.
Forthcoming events: The Supporters Committee are organising a Fireworks Festival on Saturday 4th November. Attractions include CNA Battery Corps of Drums, Guy Fawkes Competition, Stalls, Barbecue, Bonfire and to finish, a Fireworks Display. Gates open at 5.00pm. Anyone wishing to book a stall please contact Jenny Sewell on North Walsham 404023.


We are sure that many readers will be familiar with the Saddlers shop at the rear of St Nicholas Church halls in North Walsham. A group from St Nicholas Church has begun a programme of fund raising to restore this building, which falls within a Conservation Area. It is proposed that the building be converted into meeting rooms with additional facilities  for use by the Church and other groups in the North Walsham community.
The building is in a desperate state and requires extensive restoration and the installation of basic facilities but the church itself is unable to fund the project. Organisers are appealing for donations of both funds and building materials. They would also be keen to hear from anyone who can throw light upon the history of the building.
Help is needed to create this new facility and at the same time improve the appearance of this part of the town.

V.J. DAY 19th/20th AUGUST 1995

In commemoration of the many servicemen from Norfolk who gave their lives in the last War and particularly those who were captives of the Japanese,  it has been agreed to invite all local residents to gather around the Memorial in the Park at 2.30pm on SATURDAY 19th AUGUST 1995 for a short Act of Remembrance. The Town Mayor hopes that as many residents as possible will make every effort to attend to show their recognition of the sacrifice they made for us all.
Shortly, the Town Mayor intends to launch an appeal for funds so that a wrought-iron fence can be provided around the Memorial and this will be done in conjunction with other work which the Town Council plans to  carry  out  in  opening up and  improving the  area  surrounding the Memorial.


In 1994 the North Walsham Quadrilateral Division celebrated 70 years of work within the town. Each year has seen increases in the amount of duties performed and the number of casualties treated. These seven decades of achievement were celebrated at a service in the Parish Church which was attended by people from all over the county. The Anniversary Dance was well attended with over 200 people present.

The House-to-House and Flag Day collections were up by 300 swelling the total collected to 2350.10. This continued show of support from the residents of North Walsham is very much appreciated.

Every request for First Aid cover at events was met and many training courses for local organisations were completed. These included First Aid courses for the Air Training Corps and Trunch Youth Club, and a 'Breath of Life' refresher for the Girls' Friendly Society. In fact 130 people were trained in First Aid skills during 1994.

So please continue to support your local St John Ambulance when you see them at events or collecting in the Market Place. Why not pay them a visit at this years carnival fete. They will be pleased to see you.

Singing for their supper....

The third annual Singing Tour of Norfolk wil be stopping off at North Walsham on the evening of Thursday 24th August in the Parish Church. The tour is by the Treble Voices Choir: a group of lads comprised from many other choirs in the south of England, but with around 50% of its membership coming from the renowned Wenhaston Boys Choir from Suffolk.

Present members of the choir have recently been involved in a C.D. recording as well as performing at Aldeburgh Festival Concert which was broadcast nationally on BBC Radio 3.
The choir will give a concert of Sacred and Secular Music, under the directorship of Christopher Barnett, and assisted by Neil Taylor, the assistant organist at Norwich Cathedral. The concert will commence at 7.30pm in St Nicholas Church.

The Admission is free, but there will be a retiring collection for expenses.

Festival of Health

Enjoy a day at North Walsham Community Centre on Saturday 22nd July between 10.00am and 4.00pm. Come and meet some of Norfolks finest therapists who will be there to listen and advise.

Healing available all day from Qualified Healers. Refreshments will be served, home made food and vegetarian specialities.

Grand Raffle with proceeds going to Excel 2000 - a charity seeking to improve quality of life for all people with problems whether physical, mental and/or emotional.

The admission will be 1.00 and 50p for senior citizens. Further information can be acquired from the organiser, Ella Carstairs on (01692) 761615.


Simon at J. B. Postles has been serving customers in North Walsham for 10 years in August. Simon originates from the Aylsham branch which was established over 30 years ago. Seeing there was a need for an electrical shop where service and customer care was paramount, he has over the past ten years got to know most of his customers personally. Selling everything from TVs, Video, Hifi to Phones, Faxes and flex. Postles are main dealers for Panasonic, JVC, Mitsubishi and Samsung as well as stocking many other brands.

A strong support team is the strength behind all J.B.Postle branches with its own workshop and 4 service engineers handling repairs to many brands. Drop in this year and help them celebrate their 10 year service to you.


What is it like being a Magistrate?
What is it like inside a real Magistrates Court?
How does a person become a Magistrate?
Why? How? Where? When? What for?
Is there a mystery about Magistrates?

This is an Invitation to come along
to the North Norfolk Magistrates Court, Holt Road, Cromer (opposite Cromer Railway Station) where all these questions can be answered by your local Magistrates and Court staff.
Open Evening - Wednesday, 19 July 1995 6pm - 8.30pm (Tea and Biscuits provided)
Magistrates are people like you. They have to be.


The Carpenters Arms is one year old on Thursday, July 6th.
To mark the occasion you are invited to call in for a free cup of tea or coffee between 10.30 and 11.30am or 3.30 and 4.30pm.
Also Free Cocktail and Free Pool between 7.30 and 8.30pm.
Vouchers required for all free drinks, available from The Carpenters Arms.
Strawberries and Cream available all day at 50p while stocks last.
Do come in and help to make it a really special day.


On Saturday, August 5th a Rock n Roll night of 50s and 60s music is organised at the Community Centre in aid of The Carpenters Arms. The night will feature two live bands;   Blue Shadow a local band playing classic Rock n Roll with the emphasis on The Shadows instrumentals with the help of a few guests!   Dawg House probably the towns best known local band celebrating their debut world-wide release on the latest Rockhouse Records C.D.

The night starts at 8.00pm until 11.30pm and 2.50 admission with all proceeds going to the North Walsham Carpenters Arms.