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North Walsham Shopping Times - edition 40

Shopping Times No.40


Plans for this years Carnival are getting well ahead and hopes are high that this year it will be even better than ever. The fun filled event should start with a BANG!! as this years Carnival will be opened with a fireworks display on the Thursday evening followed by three more days of entertainment. We hope you will all be there to offer your support. As usual, all of the Carnival proceeds go towards swelling the swimming pool fund, so apart from enjoying yourselves you are helping towards the ultimate goal of  North Walshams very own swimming pool.
This is now becoming a prospect for the not too distant future. North Norfolk District Council are funding a feasibility study to determine the best all round requirements and also an appropriate site. This will take several weeks to complete but if all goes well and it meets with the approval of the Council then it will be full steam ahead to get planning permission and prepare the application to the National Lottery. The Swimming Pool Fund currently stands at over 72,000, and with a substantial input from the District Council we should be in a very strong position for a grant, but time will tell.
In the meantime the fund raising will continue, and we are pleased to announce that this years Carnival will be held over the period     3RD, 4TH, 5TH, AND 6TH JULY
So make a note in your diaries of those dates, and tell your friends and families to do the same.
You could even go one step further with your Carnival fun this year. Why dont you and a group of friends get together and enter a float in the Carnival? Or perhaps you have a business; its a fun way to advertise your business to the people of the town. If you would like to enter a float contact Steve Cowley on 01692 406783.  If however, having a stall at the Carnival Fair on the Memorial Park is more your thing then Roger Oakley would be pleased to hear from you on  0468 325540 (Mobile). If you would like to help or take part in any other way please contact the Carnival organisers Ellen Grover on  01692 402500 or Sara Gaff on 01692 407358.
Look out for the next edition of SHOPPING TIMES in June, which will bring you the full itinerary of the Carnivals events.  We wish the 1997 Carnival every success, and know that you will all make it the best ever!


My term of office is coming to an end, the new mayor will be elected by the Town Council at the end of May, so I thought that I would take this opportunity to look back at North Walsham during my year and forward to what the future holds for the town.
Looking back I think that this was the year when North Walsham began to believe in itself again. The flower baskets and tubs during the summer and the improved Christmas lights both giving a confident feel to the town. It has shaken off the feeling of apathy that had built up over the last few years and is starting to go places. This is partly due to the Town Centre Improvement Group, which has shown that the different groups in the town can work effectively together for the good of the town, and to the continued good work of the Chamber of Trade, the Swimming Pool Fund Committee, the Bluebell Pond Society and all the other organisations working in the town.
The District Council Town Centre Health Check, which was carried out in August, showed that the town centre does have problems but I believe that Town Council, the District Council and the town itself working together, in partnership, can overcome them.
This year the Town Council has taken two major initiatives to improve amenities in the town. We have purchased a piece of land next to the cemetery, for future expansion when it is necessary, but this will not be needed for some years so we are going to make it available as allotments, something which is lacking in the town. We have also decided, as previously reported, to provide a new play area on the Memorial Park. This is another sign of the town waking up, it was a group of parents who saw what was needed and started to do something about it that lead to this initiative. We really are shaking off our apathy!
So what about the future? I think that the town can only get better and better. I say this because of all the projects that are being planned at the moment. First and foremost the swimming pool project has started its planning stage with a feasibility study being done by the District Council, lottery money willing we should have a pool for the millennium. Next are the millennium projects of a town museum and an astro-turf pitch, if you want input into what the town does for the millennium please come to the Town Meeting at the Community Centre on 20th May at 7.30 pm. Then there are plans progressing for a venue for the towns teenagers, somewhere to hold discos, etc., something the town badly needs. The traffic review is progressing and should lead to a much more pedestrian friendly town centre. Even better flower displays and Christmas lights are planned for this year and for following years. There are promises of help from the District Council for the town centre and we continue to be a growth area in the County Council Structure Plan which should ensure the continued growth of the industrial estate and thus jobs. If you add to all this the improved community spirit in the town, I think that the future is bright indeed for North Walsham!
Martin Booth

North Walsham Chamber of Trade

The Town Centre Health Check published by North Norfolk District Council in October last year indicated that North Walsham has a high proportion of vacant units in the main retail area and is showing a trend towards decline. The last two years actually saw an increasing number of business people taking confident steps to invest in North Walsham, despite increasing rents and high business rates. And with this trend continuing into 1997 it is difficult to judge when research for this report was carried out.

The statement that customers are generally happy with important issues of car parking and the shopping environment is presumably what led that same council to increase car parking chargeshardly designed to improve the health of our town centre!

These reports are allegedly designed to assist in decisions to allocate available resources and ensure that positive action is properly focused. It will be interesting to see how much of these resources have been invested in North Walsham by North Norfolk District Council when the next health check is published.

Past months have seen considerable improvement in the economy of our town. Additional young people have taken confident steps to purchase their first home, enabling others to increase their standard of housing. An increasing number of persons are relocating to employment within our area and North Norfolk remains as popular as ever to those seeking retirement. The upturn in the property market will continue to see increased business for all our traders.
As spring approaches, we must all continue to offer the best possible quality service to all our customers to ensure we successfully compete for business against other North Norfolk towns.

Why not join the Chamber, add your business to the growing list of members and become part of The Chamber Recommends campaign, which sees members passing on customers to chamber colleagues.
Cilla Quittenden


On Friday 29th February a presentation evening was held in the Jubilee Room of the North Walsham Community Centre in honour of Mrs Strivens, long time President of North Walsham St John Ambulance Brigade. Mrs Strivens has been President of the Division for the last 13 years and has been dedicated to her work for the division including holding garden open days at her home and Chairing of the Divisional AGM and regular committee meetings.
Wayne Tritton (Divisional Superintendent) presented Mrs Strivens with a cut crystal bowl given by members of the Division, thanking her for all her time and dedication.
Mrs Strivens wished the new President, Nigel Horner-Glister, well in his new role.


North Walsham St John Division will be holding a Life Saver First Aid course which commences on Wednesday 2nd April 1997. The course takes four evening sessions and covers vital lifesaving techniques. The course costs 23 which includes a text book. To book a space on the course, please contact Wayne Tritton on (01692) 406927 or Pat Stott on (01692) 403760.


The 1997 programme is as varied and interesting as always.
We look forward to another visit on April 17th of Ray Loose - one of a team of experts heard on Radio Norfolk on Saturdays.
This time his subject will be about growing Plants in Containers.
In May we will have Richard Hobbs of the Norfolk Naturalist Trust giving an illustrated talk about Alpine Plants
The Table Top Show and Social will this year be held in the large hall at the community centre on July 24th. Visitors are welcome to join in what is a very sociable occasion.
Our links with the Societies of Cromer and Wroxham & Hoveton are appreciated.
Teams of three, representing their own society met at the Quiz Night held at Hoveton Village Hall on the 7th March.
Another joint meeting will again be at Hoveton in October.
Outings to visit gardens and places of interest are being arranged.
Membership of the Garden Club continues to grow steadily. Meetings are held at 7.30pm on the third Thursday of each month at the Community Centre (Jubilee Room).
Posters with details are displayed at the Community Centre and the Library each month.
We are pleased to answer your enquiries.

Thur 17th Growing Plants in Containers.
 Speaker Ray Loose.
Thur 15th Alpine - Plant names.
 Speaker Richard Hobbs.
Thur 19th Organising a Flower & Vegetable Show.
 Speaker Brian Wild
Thur 24th Table Top Show & Social.
 (Refreshments Appreciated)
 Held in the Large Hall
Thur 21st Garden Visit - To be Arranged
Thur 18th Pot Plants
 Speaker Dennis Carr.
Fri 3rd Joint meeting with Cromer,
 Hoveton & Wroxham H.S. at Hoveton.
Thur 16th Propagation, Speaker Eddie Geater.
Thur 20th Water Gardens
 Speaker Mike Cunnington.
December No Meeting.

Please note, additional dates may be added during the year. Raffle prizes would be appreciated at meetings
Chairman: Mrs M Marjoram: (01692) 402808 
Secretary: Mrs M Young-Bullimore: (01692) 405205


The North Walsham Amenity Society was founded in 1990 as the local branch of the Norfolk Society. Our objectives are:-
(1) To work with Local Authorities for the     preservation of the character of the town.
(2) To bring to the attention of the appropriate    authority, the need for any improvement in the   town.
(3) To provide a forum for the discussion of matters   of interest and concern to members and to    formulate responses.

Current matters of interest with which the society is involved are:
 Recording an oral history of the town by interviewing, on tape, older residents about the way things were. These records will be placed in the hoped for Town Museum, in due course.

 Talking to East Anglia Waterways Association, Norfolk County Council, etc, about the possibilities of recreating the North Walsham and Dilham Canal right up to Swafield Bridge with a footpath alongside, which would reach Pigneys wood.

 Talking to Anglia Railways and the Rail Users Consultative Council about plans to replace the Railway Station Buildings and replace the landscaped areas, which the society has for some years been looking after and planting.

 We have representatives on the Town Traffic Survey Council which is discussing improved and changed traffic movements in and around the town centre and on the Sheringham line development partnership which is seeking to improve utilisation of the railway line.

 We have published several useful guides:-
 A walk through the town A guide to the towns history and a guided walk around the town centre.
 Local walks
 Local cycle routes
All these are on sale at various outlets, notably the Tourist Information Centre and Cardscene.

We hold public meetings at the community centre on the second Thursdays in January, April, July and October. Our next meeting is on the 10th April when our speaker will be from Norfolk County Council, on Agenda 21 - the District Councils response to the world ideal of sustainable development launched by the Rio Earth Summit. This affects all of us and our future, plus our ability to influence this area at a local level.
We are very keen to attract new and committed membership to maintain a good representation of town opinion. We are all non-political and aim to assist and influence the amenities and environmental integrity of the town. Do please come and join us either at our April meeting or by recording your interest.
We are also non-profit making and charge only a nominal membership fee.
David Gosling, Chairman

In January 1997, substantial increases in Court fees were introduced in the hope of covering the entire cost of the civil court system and, for example, the fee for issuing a divorce petition rose from 80 to 150 and that for a money claim of 1,000 - 5,000 rose from 60 to 80. The major problem was that the previous provision for fees to be waived for those in financial hardship was withdrawn. Those on Income Support involved in divorce proceedings could apply for exemption from payment of the fees, but the fee for applying for exemption was set at 20. In small claims cases, the cost of applying for exemption was set at 10. In other County Court or High Court proceedings, there were no fee reductions even for those on Income Support or who would otherwise be in financial hardship.

These changes were challenged recently in the High Court, as a result of which, the previous provisions concerning fee exemptions and reductions were reinstated for both High Court and County Court actions. Those who have paid court fees since January 1997 may now be able to claim them back if they can show financial hardship.

From 7th April 1997, One Parent Child Benefit is being withdrawn as a separate payment and in its place, a lone parent will receive Child Benefit of 17.10 for the first child and 9.00 for each subsequent child. Married couples will receive 11.05 for their first child and 9.00 for each subsequent child.

Before 28th February 1997 a tenant could only be an assured shorthold tenant if he was given a special notice by the landlord before the tenancy began, and the tenancy was initially for a fixed term of six months or more. Part 3 of the Housing Act 1996 came into force on 28th February 1997 and changes this. From that date, there is no longer any need for a Notice of Assured Shorthold Tenancy to be served, nor does the tenancy have to be for a fixed term initially. Any new tenancy created after 28th February 1997 will be an assured shorthold tenancy unless certain circumstances apply. If no fixed term is agreed, the tenancy will be indefinite until either the landlord or the tenant takes steps to end it. No written agreement or notice is now needed to create an assured shorthold tenancy - an oral agreement is sufficient.

If you would like further information or help with these or any other problems, please contact North Walsham Citizens Advice Bureau in the Portakabin in the Council Office yard, New Road, North Walsham, telephone 01692 402570. Bureau opening hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 10.00 am to 3.00 pm. An answerphone operates outside opening hours. No appointment is necessary unless you wish to see one of our solicitors or debt or employment specialists.


As reported in the last issue, the Association will be visiting Friesenried from 18th to 23rd July 1997. This year 40 members will be travelling by air from Stansted to Munich and hiring coaches to take us to and from the airports at Stansted and Munich. The visit coincides with the Annual Tanzelfest, which is a splendid colourful pageant held in a carnival atmosphere.

The Association is keen to welcome any new members, particularly young people who have an interest in the German language. For more information please contact Mr. R.V. Nash at the Town Council offices (Tel. No. 404114)


BREAK Charity provides essential holiday and respite care for children and adults with a wide range of disabilities at centres in Norfolk.

Every year Rainbow in Sheringham and The Sandcastle in Hunstanton care for over 1,000 guests from all areas of the country, with more than 50% coming from within the East Anglian region. The Centres offer a varied, active holiday programme which is designed to meet all special needs.

Since we were established in 1968 our work has expanded into other areas of care including long-term work with children and young adults, day care and residential family assessments. BREAK has become an established part of the community and its work is now widely appreciated by families and professionals alike.

Caring as we do is expensive. The wear and tear on properties and equipment is considerable and the need for a high staff ratio costly. We subsidise every holiday week so that more children, adults and families with special needs are able to benefit from our facilities. BREAK always wants to respond when called upon for help but without continued financial support it would be impossible to maintain this important service.

BREAKs Charity shops provide more than half of the voluntary income needed each year thanks to the continued support of customers and donors.

The BREAK Charity Shop in North Walsham (2 Market Place) has extended its range of stock to include furniture. The shop always needs donated goods - clothing, bric-a-brac and furniture would be particularly appreciated. Collection can be arranged where required (tel: 01692 402336).

BREAK is a registered charity number 286650.


The Bluebell Pond Society Festival will be on Bank Holiday Monday, May 5th. A fun day for all.
This year North Walsham Lions and members of the Town Improvement Committee have been invited to share it with us. Our combined efforts will result in an even better event.
May Day Festivals have for centuries been a time of celebration for the wonder of creation - the beauty of nature and its recreative powers, so evident at spring time.
The month of May is a natural time for merriment, and a festival, an opportunity to show self expression in the forms of music, song and dance and various sorts of entertainment for all to enjoy.
Our thanks again to Eric Bates for the use of his land.
The person to contact for enquiries and booking of stalls is George Blackburn on 404195. Treasurer of the Bluebell Pond Society.
Mary Young-Bullimore, Hon. Secretary.

Six North Walsham boys, Michael Edwards, Scott Cole, Mark Larssen, Michael Popay, Freddy Edwards and Jamie Kemp were admitted into the Choir of the Parish Church on Sunday, March 9th. The Choir, which boasts being one of the only two all male Parish Church Choirs left in Norfolk, the other being St Peter Mancroft in Norwich, has recently grown in size to twenty boys and sixteen men, the largest membership in many years. Their latest project is raising funds to cover the balance of money needed to replace their old choir robes which have been in constant use for the past twenty years. The new robes will be used for the first time on Easter Sunday. The next fundraising event is a concert by a young instrumentalist and the boys of the choir which is to be held in the Parish Church on Saturday, April 14th at 7.30pm.
A series of summer recitals and concerts at the church are also being arranged. More details will soon follow.

Many thanks to everybody who supported the fund raising last year - total 2731.64. I do need collectors please for April 12th. Somerfields has generously allowed me to have a flag day.
May 22nd is my big fund raiser Coffee Morning with a Bring & Buy, Raffle, etc. in the St Nicholas Room and at the same time Jumble, Bric-a-Brac, Books, Plants, etc. in St Benet Hall from 9.00am - 12 noon. Also a cake stall in the church entrance. I will collect jumble.
Much help needed for this please, contact Audrey Woods on 403265

Looking After Your Back in the Garden

Now that spring is upon us, thousands of people head outdoors into the garden. Whether they see gardening as a hobby or necessity, for many it marks the beginning of a period of heavy work which their joints and muscles have not been accustomed to for some time. Consequently, Chiropractors see a steady stream of people with gardening related injuries. Below are a few tips to help prevent you from becoming one of these casualties.

 Avoid stooping or bending for prolonged periods.
 By stooping or bending for too long lower back muscles become weakened and easily strained. To avoid this whilst undertaking tasks such as weeding or planting, you should crouch down on one or both knees keeping your back as straight as possible. A growing number of long handled tools are now available for jobs like edge trimming, which used correctly can be invaluable. However, you must still concentrate on maintaining an upright posture, since when using some long handled tools such as rakes and hoes there is still a tendency for people to stoop.

 Avoid over reaching.
 Activities such as hedge trimming and tree pruning should not be carried out above shoulder height without the use of a stepladder. These tasks should also be carried out close to your body rather than at arms length. Failure to do this places a strain on the neck joints and shoulder muscles.

 Lifting and carrying correctly.
 When lifting you should squat down with your feet either side of the object and lift using the muscles in your legs, ensuring to keep your back straight and the object as close to your body as possible. This applies whether lifting a heavy box or using something like a wheelbarrow. Also, do not forget to put the object down in the same way. When carrying a heavy object you should keep it as close to your body as possible, either to your chest or by your sides. If carrying something by your sides such as buckets or watering cans try to distribute the weight evenly in each hand. When transferring heavy weights from one position to another make sure you turn your whole body by moving your feet rather than twisting at the waist.

 Vary your activity.
 Probably the simplest and most important advice is to vary the tasks that you are performing. If you are in one position doing a repetitive job you are placing the same joints and muscles under a continuous strain. By varying the type of work you are doing, even if it means leaving a job half way through and returning to it later, you can prevent these joints and muscles from becoming weakened and damaged.

If you would like any other information on how to look after your back or joints whilst gardening or performing any other activity, or feel that you may need treatment for an existing problem, then please contact the North Walsham Chiropractic Clinic on (01692) 500600.


We would like to welcome everyone to a reunion barbecue and a Cadet quiz, on the 19th April 1997. The barbecue, to be held at St John HQ on the Bacton Road commences at 2.00pm, and is in celebration of Forty Years in our Cadet history. The St John museum will also be open and we are pleased to have the founder of North Walsham Cadets, Mr Weaver, present to see how cadets are trained 40 years on.

The celebrations continue with a Cadet quiz between teams from our Division and other Cadet units for a new challenge called the Weavers Cup. The quiz commences at 7.00pm at the Community Youth Centre, all again are very welcome, especially ex-members of our Cadet Unit to help make this an evening to remember.

If anyone requires any further information please contact David Pollitt on 01692 406261.

M. C. Green, Vice President, N.W. Quadrilateral Division.

Since our Christmas edition of the Shopping Times another empty shop space has been filled. We welcome...


Effigy opened in December 96. It is an Aladdins cave full of unusual gifts and jewellery imported from the four corners of the world.
The shop tries to please most tastes from conservative semi-precious bead necklaces to way out elaborate peruvian earings. They also have a range of handmade silver jewellery and boast an exciting range of authentic american turquoise jewellery. They have a selection of carvings, chimes, mobiles and occasional furnishings.
The shop is open Monday to Saturday and closed half day Wednesday. Everyone is welcome to browse.


Do you play an orchestral instrument? Do you have some spare time? Would you like to work with other instrumentalists with a view to forming a small orchestra? Plans are in hand to form an orchestra of round about twenty people in North Walsham. Interested players should telephone Carl Suter on 405996 or Roger Buck on 406439.